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Digital and Design Artist


Xrista was born in Limassol in August 1974. She devotes her free time to painting and digital art in particular.

She has studied at the workshop of the award-winning late Cypriot painter Lefteris Economou for three years (1986-1988). At school she excelled in Art and was awarded a prize for the highest grade in technical design and in her excellence in History of Art. For the academic year 1993-1994, she was awarded a full scholarship at Frederick University as first among all academic-year students in H.N.D “Graphic Art and Advertising Design”. Consequently she studied at the University of the Arts London (1994-1997), in the area BA (Hons) “Graphic and Media Design”, where she was accepted in the second academic year. Since then she is continuously informed on the new trends in contemporary art. Her passion for Digital Art and Fashion led her to draw digital works of art and transfer them to clothes of her own creation through the method of silk screen and digital printing accordingly.

She is the voice of today's contemporary culture using digital design in the most impressive forms of art on clothes and much more. Xrista is an incredibly talented and famous digital artist, recognized not only in Cyprus but also abroad. She has won various competitions and had her name inserted in internationally well-known Books, Magazines and Calendars.

Xrista mentioned how honoured she felt when the publishing house of "Amber Lotus Publishing" contacted her for her QUEEN SKULL ART for the 2016 calendar " of the Dead 2016 Wall Calendar: Sugar Skulls". Xrista feels really proud to have her Art displayed in the internationally well-known calendar where other famous artists, such as Maldonado, Jennifer Kuhns, The Little Friends of Printmaking, and Craig Watkins, have their Art displayed therein.

Xrista’s “Skull Art Queen”, presented on the “Day of the Dead” Calendar 2016 by Amber Lotus Publishing, up until now has about 67,000 views, a number which increases daily. The Art can be found in the online Gallery of Saatchi Art. She has set her «artistic mark» in many industries including that of fashion. She had a wonderful cooperation with the brand name «Etherial» where she designs the art depicted on the T-shirt and Scarf line.

This digital design artist although already digitally literate she now conquers projects by promoting her work through her launched website, featuring past and present collections for the brand Etherial with her Glamour T-shirt and Scarf Collections. By continuously keeping her imagination alive and being able to create a type of ‘pleasant deception’ looking closely at Xrista’ s designs you will always discover little angelical figured cubits or delicately shaded roses all of which fluidly evolve into surfacing what Xrista calls “experimentation with new media, a visual reality”. Ιn the process of launching her collections of digital art designs on clothes, inspired by the «two basic directions». Emotional and figurative connotations of the shapes they create on the form and feeling you have when wearing each piece. Each of her collections have a signature design process that makes them unique from any other design that we have seen so far which identifies her as ‘the voice of today’s contemporary culture’. All of her designs are almost always rooted in a personal mash-up of feelings. «I’m an extremely visceral person and in many ways I put myself wholeheartedly into each design. I always try to convey my feelings and emotions through my designs and for most of my collections, love and enthusiasm are the main characteristics».

Today, through her artistic abilities, as a member of the organization «One Dream, One Wish» and of the «Pancyprian Association of Cancer Sufferers and Friends», she voluntarily offers her help in every possible way by designing with great love and success the new logo of the association «One Dream One Wish» and all its by-products as well as the Rock Skull T-Shirt collection «Be a Hero» for PASYKAF.

«I enjoy painting. It is what I love to do. I started dabbling in art from a very young age. I had always a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand! Today, they have been replaced by a computer and a mouse! For me, computers have not changed what we are doing; they have changed the way we are doing it. My passion for art is huge. I love all kinds of art and I want, through my talent, to offer in any possible way as much as I can by making beautiful everything around me. The ability to use my creativity to help people and organizations always gives purpose and meaning to my life. I cannot do everything but I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. No one has ever become poor by giving. It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving».

A digital design artist whose work has always been informed by a richness of imagination who is not afraid if outlining her inspirations and feelings, demonstrating the workings of an erudite and passionate mind with a fantasy that conveys into a kitsch glamour meets iconic casual, matched with an urban insouciance typified into her Arts.

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